A series of illustrations through the eye of the beloved smartphone, to show how we see the world in our current technology driven society. Constantly watching others' lives and what they choose to share. 

While the age of sharing is incredible, this is my personal reminder that we are only seeing snapshots of other people's worlds. They are just the highlights. No one's life is all rose-colored selfies and #beachlife #butfirstcoffee. Comparison is a dangerous imp trying to pry it's way into our brains. Behind every perfect picture is a series of setting up, rearranging, frustration, and 100 pictures taken and not used. 

Keep sharing, it's important in some ways, but remember that everyone has their own onslaught of hardship and turmoil. That's why we share, because sometimes things are so damn awful we need to fake ourselves into believing that our world is ok, or open up our phones and scroll for a meme to laugh at or share in someone else's joy.